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The People's Diaries #1 - Typhoon Hagabis

The city of Tokyo went on lockdown as it was pummeled by gusts of up to 165mph, and we were right in the thick of it.  

Typhoon Hagibis, which means “speed” in the Philippine language Tagalog, pounded Tokyo and gave our poncho the ultimate test.

Never before have we witnessed such an event. 

How did our poncho hold up?

While Disneyland closed and the Rugby World Cup was postponed, we managed to brave the storm to get out and gather essentials, and bumped into another brave soul doing the same, and wearing their People's Poncho to keep them dry! 

Our founder, Johnny, couldn't believe his eyes.

Our ponchos were assisting the locals in a time of natural disaster, and he just had to introduce himself! 

Fusao is somewhat of a local legend who runs Japantravelogue.com and rounded off our chance meeting with the following words:

"Love the poncho! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan. If you are ever looking for a walking holiday in central Japan (Nakasendo) please get in touch."

Seeing our ponchos more and more in different cities and real-world scenarios is just what makes us tick and motivated to serve you better, so it was an inspiring meeting for us. Meeting you is just exhilarating for us! 

Johnny woke up the next day inspired by the meeting and with an increased motivation to introduce new products which will improve your rain game! Resulting to create waterproof rain poncho in UK

Keeping you dry from A to B is our mission in life. 

We will be putting this extra motivation to good use and introducing a whole new range of products to keep you dry soon, so keep an eye out on your inbox for details of exclusive launches and offers!