Waterproof Poncho

About us

Our Mission

To provide affordable, practical and credible protection from the rain whatever the outdoor adventure

Our Logo

Having been inspired by China and wanting to keep our democratic routes we borrowed some of the Chinese characters.  The 伞 means to cover, or UMBRELLA and is shaped like an umbrella. Likewise 雨 has 4 rain drops in it and takes the meaning RAIN

The Material

We are extremely proud of our unique waterproof material. It's made of the finest Japanese polyester money can buy, and some say it even gives them superhuman strength.

Here’s the technical stuff: The rating is measured in millimetres (mm). This rating indicates how many millimetres of water is needed to be poured onto the fabric before it starts to penetrate the garment and seep through onto your inner layers or skin. Our Ponchos have a 12,000mm rating (12 millimetres). In other words, they’re seriously waterproof.

The Portability

Coming in at just 460 grams there's really no reason not to take your poncho with you on all of your adventures. Each poncho also comes with a neat little bag which makes it even easier to travel with.

The cycling friendly features

The poncho is equipped with reflective strips for extra visibility, a waistband to prevent any foolish flapping in the wind, and special straps on the inside to keep your legs dry and cosy.