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COACH mag feature "The Best Cycling Jackets For Commuters"

Come rain or shine, these all-weather wonders will keep you comfortable on your bike


Wearing the wrong gear can make any cycle commute a bit of a chore. The natural example of this is heading out into a storm without a waterproof top, but it’s almost equally uncomfortable to overdress for warmer weather and end up sweating buckets on your ride to the office.

A good cycling jacket is most essential during the winter, when it has to protect you from the cold and frequently wet weather, but spring, autumn and even summer rides often require an outer layer in the UK, and on those days you’ll want a jacket that provides protection from the elements without causing you to overheat.

 Why we choose the The People's Poncho?

No, it’s not a jacket, but it’s worthy of your consideration if you happen to use cycle hire schemes to commute every once in a while, or prefer to ride your bike in your work clothes. In that case, carrying this packable poncho around with you in case of a deluge is a smart move – especially since the design means it covers your tail and hands so you don’t have to worry about having gloves with you. And with its Instagram-friendly primary colours, we’re sure you’ll see this appearing on your feed more and more, so you’ll have a less adverse reaction than some unenlightened members of the Coach team did.

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