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Nemo Travel’s Top ‘Off-Season’ Destinations

Nemo Travel’s Top ‘Off-Season’ Destinations

We’re delighted to team up with The People’s Rainwear to bring you our top tips and favourite destinations for travelling out of season. Whilst there is always a weather risk, there are also some great rewards to following the clouds, rather than the crowds. With our team of Travel Nerds to help, we will guide you through the destinations to consider for an ‘off-season’ adventure, and with your People’s Poncho in tow, you will be ready for action, whatever the weather. 

Kenya – The Ultimate Safari Destination Come Rain Or Shine

Whilst everyone knows cats do not like water, lions are perfectly happy in the rain. The heavy downpours of April and May can make game drives a bit trickier, but the big game doesn’t mind one bit and the lush, green landscapes are spectacular. If you are willing to risk getting caught out in a tropical storm, you will have near private access to some of the world’s most wildlife-rich regions. November is known for the ‘short rains’ and this would be our top tip if you are looking for a great value safari experience. 

Nemo gives you the power to design your own holiday, based on our recommendations. With transparent pricing, we give you control and flexibility, no ‘packages’ or sales calls here. Follow this link to start creating your  Ultimate Kenyan Safari Experience. 



Japan - Get Prepped For A Soggy Olympics

Japan’s had a pretty good run of late, with an incredible Rugby World Cup last Summer and the Olympics to come in July this year. We have no doubt they will smash it out of the park and, with exceptional hospitality a guarantee, tourists will come back singing the nation’s praises. The Olympics are scheduled in the height of the tropical season, with rain almost a guarantee. Once the dust has settled from the sporting events, you can expect far fewer tourists and some beautiful lush green rural areas, so for us it's worth taking on the weather and exploring Japan in August 2020. 

You can experience our  adventure to Japan year-round but August, January and February are also great ‘off-season’ months to explore. 

Cape Town - ‘The Mother City’ Packs A Punch 12 Months Of The Year

What a city. We fell in love in Cape Town many years ago and haven’t looked back. It is a city full of energy and it truly offers something for everybody. From adrenaline junkies looking to paraglide off Lion’s Head, to foodies who want to immerse themselves in the ever-evolving culinary scene, you will not be left wanting. June-September marks the regions’ Winter months but we still rate it at this time of year, with plenty of blue skies and less tourists. The incredible array of restaurants are still open, so worst comes to worst you can hunker in and enjoy some of the best produce on the planet. 

June - September is also the best time for a safari in the Kruger region and to visit the beaches of Mozambique, so well worth the risk - check out ourBest Of South Africa And Mozambique trip for more information.

Sri Lanka - Where the rains play to its advantage

Sri Lanka is virtually a year round destination, which is interesting for a small island. Two vastly different coastlines experience two different weather patterns, so if you know where to go, it's possible to enjoy sunshine throughout the year. In the Summer months and into September, time, the rains come through the centre and South of the island, bringing huge downpours in short bursts. What results is a stunning, green paradise, as the tea plantations and jungles soak up the water and thrive. It’s therefore a beautiful time to visit the central highlands and tea country of Sri Lanka in all its glory. With your poncho at hand, brace for a brief downpour and reap the rewards of stunning scenery with few other tourists to spoil the view.

Design your own adventure with our  Sri Lanka In The Summer itinerary. 

So, there you have it, our ‘off-season’ recommendations. It goes without saying, you should expect the unexpected and prepare for a bit of an adventure. In our opinion, the unrivalled access and fantastic rates are well worth the occasional wet bum or soggy sandwich!

If you like what you see, please fire me an email on tom@nemo-travel.com - I would love to hear about your previous travel experiences and future plans. 

Thanks for reading and happy travelling!

Tom Harding

Nemo Co-Founder