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What does FRANK water do?

From the skies to the oceans, and every drop in between, The People’s Raingear has embraced every rain drop to ensure your Poncho Purchase makes a positive impact. We have recently joined hands with FRANK Water and now your purchase means more than a dry journey for you - it means a lifetime of clean water for them. Since 2005, UK water charity, FRANK Water has provided safe drinking water, toilets and good hygiene to more than 400,000 people in 520 villages across India and Nepal. 

But it’s more than digging wells and installing taps

Their sustainable programmes focus on water security and working to conserve and replenish precious underground water sources. 

Every year, around half of India’s annual rainfall falls in just 15 days, making floods and drought a way of life for the people that live there. But as one of the world’s most water-stressed countries, every drop matters. 

FRANK Water and their partners work with rural communities to develop plans and identify changes that they can realistically make to capture rainfall and increase the volume and availability of water.

Make a difference!

FRANK aim to utilise every drop of rain that falls to make sure that people living in some of the poorest, most remote corners of the world can access a safe, reliable and clean water supply.

Every Poncho purchase helps FRANK achieve this honorable goal, and we are very happy to support them, every drop of the way. 


Registered charity no. 1121273