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Our story...

Welcome to The People’s Rainwear. Founded in 2016, we take our inspiration from Asia; where monsoon weather does little to interrupt people’s business. Practical Rainwear is simply an essential part of every-day life! 

Like every other traveller to the magical Orient, we were blown away by the resilience of the local people.

As soon as the first drop of rain falls, the streets are transformed by a river of people in every coloured poncho you can imagine. They flow down the streets, continuing their activities, as easily as the monsoon rains.  

It was witnessing this that inspired our founder to develop a range of rainwear that could suit the needs of people around the world. People just like you, who don’t want a bit (or a lot!) of rain to stop you.

This is about celebrating the outdoors, whether urban or further afield, loving walking, cycling, hiking and everything in between and having the right kit that will keep you protected.