The People's Sneaker Cover 1.0 (limited release)

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Introducing 'The People's Sneaker Cover', a high-quality, innovative and light-weight solution to ensure you arrive at your destination with dry shoes and feet, keeping your favourite pair of shoes clean during the wettest weather.

Make your favourite pair of shoes ACTUALLY last a lifetime.

What do you do when you're dressed for a meeting or an event, but have to walk there in the rain? Or when you are travelling to faraway and exotic places, but arrive during a torrential downpour?

You already know that you need a quality poncho, maybe an umbrella as well if you want to stay extra dry. But what about your shoes?

Well, now we have the answer -

You don't need to carry your best shoes in your bag, while dodging puddles in an old pair of soggy trainers. You will never need to navigate the streets in an over-sized pair of wellies again. 

Wrapping your feet in plastic bags while trekking in bad weather (we've all done it!) will be a distant memory.

You can now get from A to B, by foot or by cycling, in just one pair of your favourite, most comfortable shoes.

OK, so they look a little weird and goofy, but are they practical? Yes! 

NOW AVAILABLE: A pocket sized solution to keep your feet dry.

A solution for everyone from business types to worldwide adventurers.


👇See more details below 👇

      • Complete waterproof protection
      • Anti-slip design pattern on soles..
      • Easy to put on and take off
      • Ultra elastic silicone material
      • Super light and portable at 150 grams.
      • Includes small carry case.
      • Hand wash and rinse after use. Quick-drying.

      Environmentally Friendly

      Your shoes will last longer and maintain an as-new appearance, even if you have to walk through mud on your outdoor adventures or to your next meeting.

      This means there is no need to carry a spare pair of shoes to get from A to B. Replace your footwear less as water-damage becomes a distant memory. 
      You have everything you need to protect your shoes, and it fits in your pocket!


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      Totally. Our checkout page uses SSL and you can pay via card or paypal. Happy shopping!

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    • Can I wear these indoors?

      No -  Do not wear them on indoor or outdoor tiles!

      The material and anti-slip sole is specifically made for outdoor use, so we recommend removing them before going indoors. The idea is to keep the rain outside, and away from your feet!

      What happens if I stand on something sharp?

      While the material used is hard-wearing and durable, it is not bullet-proof! Anything that can puncture your regular footwear will also puncture your shoe covers, so take the same precautions and avoid broken glass and rusty nails! 

      Do you offer refunds?
      We’ll be sorry to hear it's not right but you can of course return to us within 14 days of purchase. Providing it hasn't been worn we’ll give you a full refund for the amount paid - For further info click here
    • If you are in-between sizes, choose the closest to your foot size by CM. It is better to buy a smaller size because they are super stretchy and the fit is more snug over the shoe. The material is super-stretchy so has lots of give to ensure a complete waterproof seal around your shoes.

      • S (20.9cm) EU 30-34 (size up to UK 2 for children) 
      • M (24.5cm) EU 35-39 (UK size 2 - 6)
      • L (29cm) EU 40-44.5 (UK size 6 - 11)
      • XL (32cm) EU 45-48+ (UK size 11 - 14)

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