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Peoples Poncho Reviews 


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Great design and quality and efficient service too

Great Poncho

Kept me bone dry, was a stylish pattern and extremely light and portable. Would definitely recommend to everyone!!!!!


Makes me feel 30 years younger and a brilliant piece of kit for the English summer. The quality is very good and it is really well designed.
I haven't been on a horse with it yet but will report back.

Fun Print

I was looking for a cool rain coat/poncho for my girlfriend to take on bike rides and on day trips ! and I just discovered this on the the net, I gave it to my girlfriend and she wont take it off, she even wanted to wear it in the shower !!!

SO PRACTICAL! Perfect for the commute to work

i brought the poncho to take to a festival and it kept me bone dry.

and since it lives in my rucksack on my commute to work. It is ideal for the unexpected london summer showers!

Great piece of kit! thanks poncho team.



We wore them at Glastonbury and they were brilliant and worked perfectly!

I hate carrying umbrellas

I love that the poncho is so big – I hate getting rained on and I hate carrying umbrellas, but it feels like a full body umbrella – its excellent.