At people’s poncho we pride ourselves on our quality, ability to withstand the rain, and also, the versatility our ponchos have. Through the reviews we have seen come in from happy customers, we have also seen a multitude of unique and creative ways to wear and use your poncho. From keeping cool while you ride your bike, to travelling to the top of Machu Picchu, even when pushing your pram - your poncho can be used again and again, however you want. Check out 6 ways you wear your ponchos through some of our featured reviews and garner some inspiration this festival season!


    Better than an umbrella!
    I have used my poncho a couple of times in torrential rain whilst pushing my pram. I’d struggled using an umbrella and pushing one handed. My poncho has been absolutely amazing!
    – Fleur Riley, East London
    Biking Essential
    I needed something from keeping me being soaked wet when riding my bike so after looking around on the interwabs I stumbled upon The People's Poncho. Well, I'm not disappointed ! Does the job perfectly while keeping that lil' je ne sais quoi of style. Like being a waterproof Batman on your ride, what more can you ask Oh and the swift shipping and service quality were all perfect too. Thanks gals and guys !
    – Antoine G. from France


    Saviour in South East Asia monsoon weather.

    We've been travelling most of the globe and have now come to Asia in monsoon. The poncho is part of our backpack. With the rains coming very suddenly we need it instantly. It's been tried and tested in the hardiest of rain and its wonderful. Many locals admire it given it bold designs and colours. It's lightweight and packs away so easily. It's the best gift for travellers and backpackers. It's good quality and more importantly keeps you dry when you need it. In Asia most have ponchos but the cheap plastic which is just worn once or twice but this poncho has a great lifespan. Just buy it. Its better than any £50 you'd spend on a jacket.
    – Dipesh Patel, Cambodia
    Travel must-have
    Took my PP to the Peruvian Rainforest and trekked Machu Picchu. Wore it on mountainous Inca Trail in day long rain and got back from the trip bone dry and just a little bit smug Won't travel without it now. Superb!
    – Deborah Everton, Macchu Picchu, Peru
    Wonderful poncho, wonderful uses!
    I bring this poncho everywhere, whether it's on my bike, on my scooter or just walking around. It is made from top quality material, breathable and it love the reflective material borders. It's the perfect item to have where and whenever it rains! Thank you!
    – Philip C. from Canada
    Multi-purpose poncho
    It's multipurpose - So many cycling products are not. That alone makes the Poncho a very appealing purchase. Wear it to commute on your bike (which I did), take it hiking, wear it at a festival. really impressed with the People’s Poncho, it’s construction is really high quality and at £55.00 it’s really well priced
    – Headsetpress Magazine
    Perfect for festivals!
    I bought the Fisherman's yellow poncho and it was an absolute lifesaver at Glastonbury! Compact and light enough to tie onto my waste without noticing when it was dry, and perfect for staying dry and comfortable in the rain. Fits over whatever you're wearing so it's completely hassle free. Thanks Poncho team!
    – Michael Orme from United Kingdom (