Our top tips to keep you commuting by bike through the winter months

    The nights are drawing in (or have they already drawn, who knows!) and winter is well and truly on its way. We know it can be hard to keep commuting by bike as the nights get darker, the temperature plummets and there are rainier days. With this in mind, here are our top tips to keep commuting by bike through the winter months.

    -   Be warm. Layer up and invest in a good moisture wicking, thermal base layer. Keep your hands, feet & head warm too with gloves, natural fibre socks and your helmet. If it’s a particularly cold morning, try a thin hat or technical headband underneath your helmet to keep those ears warm.


    -   Be prepared. Make sure you have a good set of gear packed and ready to go. There’s nothing worse than not having what you need when it’s both cold and dark! Make sure you pack a puncture repair kit, torch, extra gloves, spare pair of socks, Hi Vis vest and some sustenance – preferably a warm drink in an insulated flask if it’s a particularly chilly morning.


    -   Be visible.Invest in some good lights for the front and back of your bike. If you cycle in a particularly busy city, wing lights would be a bonus. WingLights 360 from CYCL would be our recommendation. They even indicate left or right with a single tap, meaning other riders and motorists can see your signals better in the dark.



    -    Be dry.Cycling in the rain can actually be an invigorating experience with the right gear! For city cyclists, our Hardy Fisherman’s Yellow waterproof poncho is perfect for keeping dry and visible at the same time. Reflective strips on the front and back and all around the edges of the poncho insure visibility, whilst the Japanese polyester 3-layer membrane will keep you super dry as well as being breathable at the same time. Buy yours here:

    Cycling rain poncho


    -    Be safe. Plan your route before you set off and take it easy. If you’re 5 minutes late to where you need to be, will it really be the end of the world?


    Most of all, enjoy the ride and feel smug with the knowledge that you’ve avoided the hustle & bustle of the public transport system. Winning!