Living in Vancouver, you have to like the rain!

    I love rain. Which is a good thing, because I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    Vancouver’s rain is not like, a once-daily afternoon drenching. Once the rain comes it stays for months with no breaks. No breaks! You start to wonder where all that sky-water could possibly be coming from.

    waterproof poncho

    Turns out it’s because living in this city, we also live in the middle of one of the world’s largest stretches of temperate coastal rainforest. Our city is known for glass towers and ocean views, but our ecosystem is known for grandfatherly trees bearded with lichen, a deep soft forest floor of pine needles and sprouting mushrooms, salmon-bearing rocky mountain streams, and the occasional backyard bear.

    All this is made possible by that epic rain. Drenching, pouring, misting, sheeting, beautiful, unstoppable rain! If you get soaked once in a day, you don’t want to go out again because it’s definitely still raining out there. Who wants to slide their arms back into a greasy wet jacket?

    But my poncho changes all that. It dries really fast, so it’s usually dry when I reach for it again. It also hangs away from my body and the clothes that I’m wearing underneath, instead of clinging. Which means I can bike home and then head back out into the city, or the rainforest, for an adventure with my furry best friend.

    My city is way better with a waterproof poncho. Life is way better with a poncho!


    The People’s Poncho is stocked with Side Saddle Bikes, Vancouver.


    By Andrea Smith

    Side Saddle Bikes