#1 How I Get Around Many Cities with My Bike and Cycling Poncho - David (Burgos, Spain).

    Hello, I’m David and I am from a small medieval town in the north of Spain, Burgos. It is known for its cathedral and especially for the cold weather! It was there where I learned to ride a bicycle one very cold winter with my father.

    I love to travel and therefore have lived in six Spanish cities and have spent many seasons in several Latin American countries, including Peru and Nicaragua. I have also spent a lot of time in Liberia and Africa. For eight years I have been based in Madrid, and for the last six years I decided to ride my bike in a city that doesn´t encourage the use of bicycles. Since then I have fallen in love with Madrid, despite the fact that it is not an easy city to bike in! Although the city isn’t set up very well for bicycles, I haven´t been able either to contain my passion for cycling – it keeps growing day by day.

    For many people, when they think of Spain they think of sun, beaches and parties, which of course we do have,  but we have so much more than this. Culture, amazing food, talent, community, love for one and other and our country.

    In Madrid we don’t tend to get a lot of rain but this past year has brought us some crazy weather and it has rained so much! Thanks to the people’s poncho cycling poncho, I was able get around the city on my bike without getting soaked through! My co-workers told me I was crazy, but when they saw that I was totally dry and actually really stylish with my rain cape they loved it – maybe they will even be biking around Madrid soon!



    David Saiz Camarero