Andrea & Linda take on the road from Rome to Reykjavík

    We share the curiosity and the desire to travel, to constantly discover new places and experiences. We prefer travelling to isolated places where we can relax and enjoy nature. We’re already planning our next trip – we have the traveling itch! For us, Iceland was the one place in the world we knew we had to visit. The unspoilt nature, wild landscapes, solitude and the people (and how few of them there were) are all things that have only made us love Iceland even more.

    Italy is crowded, not to mention Rome. The streets are busy at all hours of the day. There are people rushing around, without stopping even for a moment. There is so much beauty around, but nobody stops to see it. All the comings and goings of people, each concentrated on their own busy lives. Supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies and cinemas are packed. We once found a tiny cinema with hardly anyone there and it seemed so rare that we decided it would become ‘ours’. In this chaos, is finding yourself possible? Is it possible to stop for a moment, close your eyes and inhale pure air? Fresh air that is not polluted.


    From all this, Til Norðurs was born.

    rain poncho beach

    Til Norðurs (To the North) is our road trip, from Rome to Reykjavík, crossing half of Europe, from Austria to Germany to Denmark. From Denmark we collected our jeep and set off for the Faroe Islands in northern Denmark. An obligatory stop: an archipelago made up of 18 islands immersed in the North Atlantic Ocean, among breath taking landscapes and picturesque villages. From there, we reached Iceland, the place we had been dreaming of for so long. A beautiful journey on the road from Rome to Reykjavík.

    10, 510 km in 38 days in order to leave behind the grey chaos of the city and reach the purest beauty of unspoilt nature.

    We were sure to pack our rain ponchos on this incredible journey which thoroughly allowed us to challenge the rain and enjoy mother nature in all her elements.