A Weekend of Photographing at L'Eroica Britannia Cycling Festival

    Fathers Day weekend was our yearly trip to a classic and popular cycle rally called L'Eroica Britannia.

    Set in the rolling Derbyshire hills amid the green fields rises each year a celebration of all the beautiful bikes predating 1987, this was the year that steel frame bikes gave way to lighter and faster models.
    A moment in time where over 4500 handsome riders take to the by-roads and take on 30, 60 or a challenging 100 mile route. During this event I was on the photography team and the forecast was mixed, with two cameras and equipment in tow the need to stay dry was essential and to say the least paramount.
    I had all my gear together and one of the first pieces of tech' was my Poncho from it clips around the waste and stays put until i need it, and when I do the poncho pouch becomes a handy storage bag beneath the poncho.
    rain poncho
    The second morning of the event was met with light rain and breakfast coffee was no effort when the Poncho was to hand.
    Later in the event I was on duty and my brother came to the showground to watch some of the 'Best Dressed' categories. Andrew my associate was hard at work with his blue rain Poncho and I was snapping away with a second camera tucked safe and dry under my red one.
    It was time for me to enter best dressed guy so I handed my brother my trusty red poncho and left for the judging!
    The rain got heavier and it didn't matter to two of the crowd, one sat happily watching the competitors and the other still working the angles and covering the photography.
    festival poncho
    I couldn't fail to be impressed with the little red rain poncho's excellent water repellent technology and the side access for our photography meant that no shots were lost.
    I am now looking to get hold of other colours such as Yellow, Camouflage and a Blue rain Poncho of my own.
    Rain is no longer a pain!
    Matt Brown. Sheffield.
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