Five reasons to buy a Brompton bike… and never repent

March 13, 2019 2 Comments

I bought my Brompton in 2010. I really wanted the bike, but the price never was OK for me. I have two lovely children and, as you know, priorities used to be always far away from bikes, even being a Brompton.

I was a regular customer of Barcelona public bike rental service, Bicing but was very disappointed with it. I made the great decision: I borrowed a little money from my bank and bought my first Brompton. A real smart purchase.



So, here are my five reasons to buy a Brompton bike:

  1. You don’t know yet how much your life will change. Brompton bikes are much more that an object of desire. They give you freedom, independence, autonomy and efficiency. You will discover a new way of moving and will look at your city, its streets and routes, with new eyes…
  2. Life will be easier. You will not get frustrated in the traffic jams, or feel overwhelmed and lost among the overcrowded public transport. When taking a ride on your Brompton, you will clear your head, enjoying personal balance and even feel healthier.
  3. You can take it with you everywhere. I own a little car, a Mini, and where he does not take me, my Brompton does. The folding process is easy and fast (I do that almost eight times a day), and save a lot of space. I can store it at any corner at home and take with me to any place: in the car, on the train or the metropolitan subway, at work, enjoying a meal with friends in an awesome restaurant, having a coffee early in the morning… My Brompton is always beside me and this also reduces the risk of theft. Need more? His cart mode is great for quick runs in supermarkets, and fits into a small IKEA bag for trips on AVE (Spain’s High Speed Train).
  4. Technically, it’s a 10. Strength, perfect folding, lightweight and, when in motion, comfortable and easy to handle.
  5. And, best of all, zero problems. In my case, just a set of covers to replace. All the people I know who own a Brompton say terrific things about it.

… and one more for the road. If you get tired of it someday (I can’t imagine a reason why!), a Brompton is always on high demand. You will sell it quickly in a very good price.


    Last but not least. Brompton is much more than a cult object, even though some people just want to buy one due to its coolness and aesthetic value. I share the idea that well-designed objects deserve that recognition and defend the value of the aesthetic, but they need to be accompanied by enduring functionality. The fact is that we love this kind of "product": useful, technically “d’avant-garde” and beautiful.

    For me, Brompton bikes can be compared to Apple laptops; I do believe many of its owners do the same association between both brands in their minds. Maybe it is just the sign of the times. Brompton times.

    Rut Vidal


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    Leo the 3rd
    Leo the 3rd

    October 15, 2018

    Rut – All great points. But I always like to add this one – you become an unofficial spokesperson who spreads the word that the Brompton is an ideal bike – whether it’s for travel/commute, errands or just pleasure. You’ll find people who have never heard of this wonderful bike and you’re glad to explain why a Brompton is a worthwhile investment. Keep on riding and enjoy.

    edy c p jardim
    edy c p jardim

    October 15, 2018

    It’s a very good way to move, i’d like to recive more about. Where tô buy…etc. Thank’s.

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