Daisy Altelaar tells us her 5 Best Places to Travel in Autumn

    You might be sad summer is over soon, but did you know that autumn is actually the best time to travel? Even the most popular places are less crowded and sometimes even more beautiful (we love the autumn colours). On top of that travelling in outside of high season can save you a lot of money. Sold already? Well, we are and therefore we will share the best places to travel in autumn.


    Japan | Best Places to Travel in Autumn

    japan autumn poncho

    Although the majority of tourists visit Japan in spring to see the cherry blossoms a much better time to visit is autumn. From mid-October to early-December it’s Japan’s  foliage season where the landscapes turn into fairy tale forests. One of the best things about it is that the country is full of Onsens (Japanese hot springs) from where you can soak up the stunning autumn colours.


    Paris | Best Places to Travel in Autumn

    paris autumn poncho
    Just when the summer chaos is over and right before the ‘Xmas in Paris’ hype starts, lies the perfect moment to visit the city of love. Hotels become more affordable and lines for museums much shorter. But none of this beats the incredible views you will get when you walk along the Seine towards the Eiffel Tower surrounded by the red, yellow and brown autumn colours. This is Paris in autumn.

    Lauterbrunnen |  Best Places to Travel in Autumn

    Lauterbrunnen autumn poncho

    One of the most beautiful places in the world, Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. When you walk around there it feels like you’re in a postcard. Especially in autumn because the autumn colours fit the landscapes better than any other season. Make sure to hike the waterfall route and don’t forget to bring your poncho - not to hide from the rain but because you can actually hike behind the waterfalls - so yes, you will get wet.

    Peru | Best Places to Travel in Autumn

    peru autumn poncho

    A country you have to visit at least once in your lifetime, Peru. The country has so much to offer, from sacred cities to glacier lagoons and red beaches full of flamingos. The dry season lasts until the end of October, but November is one of the best months to visit because it’s great weather in all of the country - in the high north as well as in Cusco and most places you’d like to visit.

    Greek Islands | Best Places to Travel in Autumn

    greek islands autumn poncho

    The Greek Islands are the perfect example of places that are incredible to visit in autumn. During the summer months they are way too crowded, over-priced and one big tourist trap. Whereas when you go in autumn you get to enjoy warm autumn days on some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Our favourite Greek islands to visit in autumn are Crete and Santorini.


      As autumn can be unpredictable make sure to pack one of our ponchos on your trip. Pick your favourite one here.


      Daisy Altelaar

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