The Poncho Protecting Cyclists From UK Showers

    After enjoying a period of unseasonably mild weather, icy winds, sleet and snow have started to hit the UK. No-one looks forward to riding through heavy rain in the cold, but it is doable. Preparation is key, and we have the ultimate solution for cycling to work in the famous UK weather.

    Founded in 2016, the People’s Poncho takes inspiration from China where, unperturbed by the monsoon (!), people hop from place to place under the protection of a simple lightweight poncho.

    Developed with the utmost attention to detail, this poncho suits the needs of people around the world. It covers all 'UK weather' requirements, and can be trusted on any outdoor adventure:

    Cycling, travelling, backpacking, camping, dog walking, hiking, trekking, festivals... You name it - they’ve got you covered!

    Source: LAKA