The People’s Poncho review

    We have talked about waterproofs and strategies for staying in dry in the past. One item that we have not really reviewed but many of you have mentioned is a poncho. These waterproof items are a little more versatile in some respects than a normal rain jacket, but also have their own limitations.

    Set up by brother and sister duo Iona and Johnny, The People’s Poncho was inspired by the garments worn for city cycling in China. They believe that cycling doesn’t need to be complicated or restricted by bad weather, as do we!

    cycling poncho

    The poncho comes in a one size fits all design. Like the basic ponchos found in China, this poncho pulls over your head and has some press studs to close up the neck when on. There is a waterproof pocket on the front  and a hood with a little peak. Inside the front there are two large hand tabs to keep the poncho over your lap when on the bike. There is a press stud on each side to make sleeves for when you are off the bike.

    It is available in 4 colours: black, navy, camouflage and yellow, allowing you to pick stealth or highly visible.