The People’s Poncho product review

    The People’s Poncho includes its own shoulder strap carry case which can also be used as a ‘bumbag’ which straps around your waist. What I particularly like about this feature is you can also slip in your car keys, mobile phone and a few other small essentials, which means you don’t even need a day pack.

    With your typical fold away light weight walking jacket or cagoule, stuffed into the bottom of your rucksack, when there’s a sudden downpour you’re soaked before you can even get it unfolded, unzipped, unvelcroed and on.

    With The People’s Poncho you simply take it out of its bag, slip it over your head and in the dry underneath the waterproof TPU material you fasten your waistband and pop up the buttons for a snug, windproof and rain proof, fit.

    Source: Walks and Walking