A few months ago The People’s Poncho reached out to me and asked if I’d give their Poncho 2.0 a whirl. You know, in everyday circumstances. Knowing that I was committed to commuting this season, I happily obliged. The worst that could happen is that I learn poncho’s aren’t for me, right?

    Fast forward thru the rainy season, and let me tell you, this magnificent yellow poncho is the number one thing I ALWAYS have with me now. In fact, I even locked myself out of the house recently, but at least I had my poncho.

    So here’s the thing. In terms of ponchos, my only previous experience with them were the clear garbage bag-like ones my dad would give us when we went to concerts. I’m pretty sure they actually were just garbage bags that he cut holes in, but I digress. My point is, I honestly didn’t have that high of expectations. But true to my word, I gave it a shot and was immediately blown away.

    First try with it I rode of to my sister’s house, knowing it wasn’t far, just incase it was an epic fail. Wearing jeans, a rain jacket, and basic sneakers, I was amazed that I stayed dry. Even my feet! The poncho fits perfectly over the handlebars, creating a tent over the entire front end. Again, this was crucial, considering I was wearing jeans.

    Source: She rides her Bike