"The Best Cycling Poncho" – The People’s Poncho Review by Bicycle2work.

    If you’re a regular bike commuter you’ll need to figure out how to you’ll go about cycling in the rain. There are a variety of methods to dealing with rain while cycling, but I wanted to try the poncho approach. I started researching the various poncho’s and rain capes on the market, but settled The People’s Poncho. Their ponchos were stylish, made for cycling, and apparently would keep me dry. The only way to know if it lived up to the hype was to buy one.....

    I bought the Hardy Navy Poncho from their website for £71.50 GBP which is approximately $94 USD. This included shipping from England to California. 

    cycling poncho

    The poncho arrives in this nifty, little bag. It has a front pocket to hold things, and a large zipper over the top to get to the poncho. It could be useful for storing your poncho after the rainy months pass or also easy to bring with you for a ride if there’s chance of showers. According to their website the Chinese character, “伞 means to cover, or UMBRELLA and is shaped like an umbrella. Likewise 雨 has 4 rain drops in it and takes the meaning RAIN.”

    Stylish and Hip – One of the reasons I wanted to try out this poncho was simply because it looks cool. It has a stylish look, and you’re guaranteed to get compliments while wearing it. Too many other ponchos and rain capes make you look like you’re wearing a trash bag. I won’t lie, I now get a little excited for rain so that I can wear this poncho while riding.

    Is the People’s poncho really 100% waterproof?

    The company claims that this poncho is 100% waterproof, but I have heard other companies make this same claim. I bought a “waterproof” jacket for a backpacking trip in Patagonia only for it to soak through within 3 minutes of the first rain storm. Was this poncho all talk? My first test as you can see above was to line the inside of a cup with the poncho and fill it with water. I wanted to know if the water would seep through to the glass cup. After waiting for it to soak through it in fact kept the water from getting into the glass.

    The second test was to put it on and give it a good power shower with the garden hose. How would it handle a constant shower of water?

    Once again it performed great! It did its job perfectly. 

    best poncho for cycling

    How does it feel while cycling?

    More than anything it felt normal riding with the cycling poncho on. The waistband did its job to keep the poncho covering my body, and the hood kept on my head. I thought rain would find a way in, but even during heavy downpours this thing will keep you nice and dry. Use the elastic straps on the front and back of the hood to make it fit close to your head. This will not only keep the hood on your noggin, but make it easier to look over your shoulder while riding.

    Is the People’s Poncho worth it?

    So is it worth it? Absolutely. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one earlier. It makes bike commuting in the rain 100 times easier. Happy riding and keep dry!

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