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    The People's Diaries #2 - SOS . Save Our Shoes!

    As you know, we are OBSESSED with combining Eastern Innovation with Western Culture, and when it comes to just "getting on with it" in all weathers, it's a fact of life that the East is simply much further ahead with innovative & simply practical products than we are in the West.

    Why is this? Well, it could be explained by the extreme weather that the East encounters year on year.  For Japan - 2019 brought a record number of typhoons, causing massive disruption and danger to life.

    As our weather in the UK and elsewhere becomes more extreme, it is essential to be prepared to ensure there is minimum disruption to your daily lives.

    First, we developed the People's Poncho - an innovative, practical and affordable solution to enable you to continue as normal whatever the weather. But of course, we want to innovate one step further.

    We often travel in Asia for both business and inspiration and increasingly see shoe sneaker covers used effectively in heavy intermittent periods rainfall.

    As a team, we were enchanted. This was a simple yet effective solution to getting around in the rain without any disruption whatsoever by introducing waterproof shoe cover.

    So we got to work. Drawing on our experience, knowledge, and contacts, we have developed a product that works for YOU, every stormy step of the way...


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