October 30, 2018

Our People’s Poncho review is here! For years I’ve fondly remembered the poncho being worn by old cycle tourists, usually made of waxed canvas materials which are heavy and take a lot of looking after. Apart from that, there really wasn’t anything on the market. Until People’s Poncho was founded in 2015. Unlike my inspiration, they looked East. Ponchos are a very common sight in Taiwan (and China). I can testify for the usefulness of them after living in Taiwan for three years. Everyone rides a scooter and everyone has a poncho! But they are made of heavy and cheap materials. But that inspiration drove People’s Poncho to create a better, technical, stylish and practical version.

They eventually came up with their poncho you see here. Iona and Johnny Ratcliffe from People’s Poncho explain it like this; One size, different colours to suit different personalities, 100% waterproof poncho made from Japanese polyester, reflective piping to ensure safety at night and a pocket to store your possessions. All in a dinky bag small enough to travel anywhere.

That all sounds great but, is it 100% waterproof and did it work whilst riding a bike? Simple answer is yes, but it does have it’s limitations. The first and foremost aspect, it’s multi-purpose. So many cycling products are not. That alone makes the Poncho a very appealing purchase. Wear it to commute on your bike (which I did), take it hiking, wear it at a festival. An all-round item that can be used cycling is a rare thing indeed.