Kayti Peschke from Caboodle Magazine gives us her top 5 festival essentials for 2019

    “I love festivals so much and really hope to get to a few this summer! I’ve been going to them since I was about 13 and just love the freedom and escape, and dare I say it, even the mud! Which is lucky as the two times I went to Glastonbury were complete wash outs!! So I’ve compiled a list of festival essentials that would be top of my packing pile. It goes without saying that I’d also take a phone charger the size of a brick and enough dry shampoo to de-grease a small moose, but think my selection will bring more smiles!”

    1 - Dungarees by Lucy & Yak -

    festival poncho

    I am in love with these dungarees! Super comfy and can be worn with t-shirts or jumpers depending on the weather, or if you are feeling more daring go bare underneath a la Dexy’s Midnight Runners! Yellow is my favourite colour so I can bring the sunshine no matter the forecast!

    2 - The People Poncho in Yellow

    Hardy Fisherman's Yellow festival Poncho 2.0

    Absolute essential for me is this festival poncho or festival rain mac so I know I will keep dry and not end up a soggy shivering mess in my tent at the end of the day. I love that it comes with its own little bag, making it so easy to chuck on and carry about with you. And my favourite feature is the waterproof front pocket so I can keep my phone and money handy for when I need it! It's the best festival rain poncho I have used in years.

    3 - Sunflower hairband by Twinks Burnett -


    This headband is such a joy. Festival queen Twinks makes an amazing selection of headbands to make you stand out from the crowd in more ways than just the fashion sense… this is great for not losing your friends when you’re short like me, they will see me coming even when I’m hidden in the crowd. Perfect fun and a great distraction from your “day 3 tent bed head” look!

    4 - Sunglasses by Topshop -

    Sunglasses are always my essential as I am quite sensitive to sunlight, so I need a really dark lens but like a colourful frame too. I don’t usually wear eye makeup at festivals as it is too much of a faff to carry about / take off before bed, I’d rather throw on these sunnies and a swish of pink lipstick and I’m all set!

    5 - Essential oils perfumes - Hormone Harmony Roll on by Holistic Kitchen -

    Essential oils perfumes

    Hair Perfume by Hairy Jayne - I love organic beauty products and these are my two favourites for gorgeous scents. The roll on perfume contains essential oils that calm and balance you, perfect for when it all gets a bit overwhelming, just breathe in the scent and take a moment. It smells gorgeous and is small enough to carry around in your pocket for when you need a refresh! The hair perfume spray is great for refreshing between washes and adds shine to dry hair. I spray all over and scrunch for gorgeous tousled waves, and the citrus scent is my favourite!


    Have fun!!!

    Kayti Peschke

    Kayti Peschke 
    @kaytipeschke @caboodlemagazine