November 14, 2018

We’ve come across these 100% waterproof and high quality ponchos suitable for any outdoor adventure, whether it be cycling, camping, dog walking, commuting and whatever else gets you outdoors. The People’s Poncho’s mission is to provide 100% waterproof, affordable, practical, and credible protection from the rain.

The Hardy Poncho is made from three layers of hard-wearing and fully waterproof Japanese polyester. Trimmed with a drawstring hood, and detailed with a waterproof zippered chest pocket, the poncho offers safety enhancing reflective piping, side buttons to aid maneuverability, and internal straps to hook onto bicycle handlebars or over hands so your legs are protected from the rain when cycling. The poncho only weighs 0.4kg and comes with a waterproof bag for easy storage too.

Sam from Momentum Mag describes his recent experiences trialing the product; “Arriving to the office in the poncho was a different story. Not only did the Japanese Polyester look and feel good it kept me dry on my 30minute commute during heavy rains. The stylish details and clean look make this a fashionable piece of rain gear that works both on and off the bike. When I got to my destination pulling the poncho over my head couldn’t be easier. For the right type of cyclist this a great option for those rainy-day bicycle rides. If you’re worried about the breathability of the polyester fabric don’t be, the poncho allows for plenty of airflow. I could see myself using this in a number of different instances, outside of cycling, when staying dry is the name of the game.”

Source: Menswear Style