Hardy People’s Poncho – First Look

    This Poncho sent to us by the People’s Poncho company, is from the Hardy range, which comes in a variety of colours including; Camouflage, Navy, Fisherman’s Yellow and Black (the version we’re testing).

    Taking inspiration from China, the idea is to be able to continue your day popping form one place to the other without fear of getting wet, in fact the brand 雨伞 means ‘umbrella’ in Chinese!

    rain poncho

    This will be my first time using a poncho out on my outdoors adventures so it will be a new experience, I’m a little sceptical of using it out in the mountains, especially so if the wind picks up, but it seems perfect for those cycle commute rides on wet days!

    BUT you’ll have to wait and see, because since it’s arrived through the post I’ve had to just look at it in the bottom of my pack as it’s been unusually dry for a December in Snowdonia. Not that you’ll hear a Welshman complaining about dry weather of course!

    It packs into a waterproof sack when out of use, compact enough to come with you wherever your next adventure might take you, say in your work/commute pack, or in your walking pack.

    Source: Mud & Routes