Encouraging cyclists to pack up their lycra in favour of something cooler, Poncho

    With the winter months bringing rain and snow no doubt, we have to consider the humble cyclists trying to get to A-B as dry as possible. We chatted to Johnny Ratcliffe founder of The Peoples Poncho on his inspirations, aspirations and thoughts on fashion for cyclists.

    How did your idea come about?
    I was inspired by my time living in Shanghai, China where I came up with the initial idea of the people’s poncho. Due to unpredictable weather, under the protection of a simple lightweight poncho locals are able to hop from place to place regardless of the pouring rain.

    At this time, My sister Iona was living in Amsterdam and she said ‘in this cycling mecca they don’t really have any decent premium poncho’s you’d actually be happy to have in possession’, and then I said lets make an affordable, 100% waterproof high quality poncho!’ and that was the start of The Peoples Poncho.

    Source: It's Rude to to Share