DutchReview’s Holiday Gift Guide: The People’s Poncho for the Dutch rainy winter

    One of the best things you can gift a loved one for the holidays is a useful, yet thoughtful present. And what could be more useful than a high quality rain poncho for that wet Dutch winter. Enter The People’s Poncho – an affordable, practical and credible protection from the rain. Not to mention that it looks quite stylish for a poncho.

    Why would I need a rain poncho in the Netherlands?

    If you’re actually asking yourself that question, then you haven’t lived through a single winter in the Netherlands. Not only does it rain all the time, but using an umbrella in many occasions is just useless. Not only is the rain here pouring like crazy, but the winds are also so strong that most of the time you can’t even hold your umbrella up straight.

    Not to mention that if you’re cycling (and pretty much everyone does in the Netherlands) then there is no other option. You NEED a rainproof poncho in order to stay dry. That is why if you’re buying one, you want to make sure that it’s of very good quality. That way the water won’t seep through, and your poncho won’t tear up from the gusts of wind. That is why your best option is The People’s Poncho!