Bike insurance with a difference. Join the Laka community

    So you’ve bought a bike! If you’re anything like us, we're sure it's one of your prized possessions. Have you insured it?

    Fellow start up brand Laka, is a bike insurance company with a difference. Launched in 2017, they have been growing their community ever since.

    Joining the Laka communitymeans that you’re all in it together. You’ll only have to pay based on the claims made in the community each month. This means you pay for the true cost of insurance and can keep the savings when fewer claims are made. Some months it might even mean you don’t pay a single penny!

    if you have to pay a higher premium some months it’s still lower than most other insurance companies and you know that your money is actively helping a fellow cyclist get back on their bike and doing what they love.

    Worry free cover for your bikes & gear:

    • You’re covered for damage, theft & loss
    • Globally protected (explore anywhere on the planet for up to 60 consecutive days fully covered)
    • Race Safely (your bike is covered in all events)
    • Free third party liability up to £2M (Click here to read more)
    • Bikes must be between £1000 - £10,000. You can add secondary bikes to your cover down to £500 in value and can insure up to a total of £20,000

    Each month, around 80% of the money you pay will go towards other members of the community who have damaged or lost their bikes and the other 20% will go towards keeping Laka and its community running.

    Interested? To read more about Laka or become a member, head over to their website here